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Patriotic Cancer Patient

July 4, 2013

Hey folks,

You have probably noticed that I haven’t been posting as often in recent weeks. This is because, as I’ve said before, there hasn’t been much to report. However, there was a flurry of activity this week, so I have a lot to write about. Oh, don’t worry…I’ll make it as suspenseful and gripping as possible – as much as one can when writing about hospital visits and test results, anyways. I took some important tests Monday and Tuesday and got the results back today, so it was a relatively stressful week.

On Monday, I was at Abbott Northwestern for about four hours. The first three hours involved getting a PET CT scan of my body in order to see if my rectal cancer had grown or spread elsewhere. This test is administered by laying down on a table and having pictures taken of my insides. Before the test was administered, I had to drink a dye full of radioactive sugar (it sounds worse than it is – they basically poured some powder into a Chippewa Falls water bottle) which contrasts all high activity cells in a person’s body against all the normal cells. Specifically, this sugar is attracted to everything in the body that consumes a lot of energy at one time. For instance, if you just got done lifting weights and then took a PET scan, all your muscles would light up; I say “you” in this particular instance because lifting weights is something I try to avoid, as it gets in the way of ice cream consumption. More to the point, however, is that cancer cells consume a lot of energy very quickly, so they light up during this scan as well.

I also met with Dr. Monyak, my radiology oncologist, directly after the PET scan. If you remember, he is the nerdy doctor that probably got picked on a lot in high school. He basically mapped out how the radiation treatments for the rectum round (my term) will go. Specifically, it will be five and a half weeks of treatment, and I’ll come into the clinic five days a week, which is similar to the treatment I just finished for the brain. This round will probably start the week of July 15th,and they are zapping radiation to a larger surface area of the body this time. Thus, I will probably experience a little more fatigue, and possibly some skin irritation. I also may experience a little more difficulty keeping my weight up…as I’ve mentioned in the past, all the doctors and nurses were shocked that I didn’t lose any weight during my last round of chemo and radiation; however, none of my family members were surprised at all. The Mullin appetite is very well renowned.

On Tuesday, I was at Abbott Northwestern for another four hours. The first 3 hours involved getting an MRI scan  for both my brain and my ass. This was uneventful, and also very boring. On a somewhat more interesting note, after the MRI I met with Sherri Baldinger, my geneticist, regarding my Bi-Allelic Mismatch Repair Deficiency. As a refresher, this is what has caused all my instances of cancer. Sherri basically brought up things that I already knew, in that I cannot fight cancer cells as well as a normal person can. This is because I inherited two deleterious PMS2 genes from both my parents. Thus, this was a pretty boring meeting as well.

However, on Wednesday (today), I met with Dr. Trusheim, my brain oncologist, and Dr. Seng, my general oncologist (the older version of Don Draper). They gave me the results from both the PET and the MRI, and all the results are pretty fantastic. Specifically regarding my brain tumor, it’s completely gone. This means the surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy did their respective jobs well. Specifically regarding my ass tumor, it has not grown or spread to any other organ in my body. This means that I sort of lucked out, and that nothing in my ass got worse while I was being treated for my brain tumor. According to Dr. Seng, there is one inguinal lymph node near my rectum that lit up during my PET scan, which could mean that cancer has spread there. However, none of my doctors seemed to be too concerned about this, because it is probably just normal inflammation; Dr. Seng also said that even if it is cancerous, they can just zap it with radiation and remove it during my surgery.

Understandably, I am pretty excited about all the news, and have been doing a lot of fist pumping today. As it currently stands, I am 2-0 vs. cancer, and well on my way to being 4-0. Pardon my French, but cancer can go fuck itself. …I’m kind of feeling like this anteater right now:

Come at me Bro

Anyways, next week is a fairly busy week as well. On Monday, I will have a port placement surgery that will administer my chemotherapy over the following 5 and a half weeks. On Tuesday, I will be getting a biopsy of the inguinal lymph node to figure out exactly what is going on there. Finally, on Wednesday I’ll be getting another MRI for my doctors to have on file before round two of  chemotherapy and radiation begins. I have also received the green light from my doctors to stuff my face in order to get my calories up. This was never really an issue for me, but nice to get the confirmation.

Have a great 4th everyone!

Onward and upward,


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  1. Bryon permalink

    Great news, Eddie! Continue to fight the good fight.

  2. Christine permalink

    Fab news, Eddie!

  3. Tony permalink

    Haha, love that ANTEATER! Stay in the Wins column buddy! Have a great 4th, and enjoy the face stuffing.

  4. hope it felt as good to write this post as it was to read it.

  5. Hi Eddie!

    You may not remember me, but I met you probably 3 years ago when I was babysitting for Katy and Charlie Mullin’s kids at a family birthday party during the summer. From what I remember, we were discussing the best bars in Madison haha! Anyway, I was babysitting their family last week at another party similar to that one, and your name came up! They mentioned you had a blog, so I looked you up and I wanted to say hi! I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you during your cancer battle(s) and I hope you are doing ok. I just graduated from Madison (Go Badgers! ;)) and am home for the summer, so maybe I’ll see you around the Mullin’s sometime. Regardless, good luck with everything and know you are in my thoughts and prayers!

    P.S those Mullin kids sure do love you.

    Hannah Kotovic

  6. judy lebedoff permalink

    Hi Eddie! It’s Judy Lebedoff and Hugh Klein, sending you more love than we can express! You were an adorable little kid, and even more so now. You really are the BEST, and you’ll score another knockout this time around. We consider ourselves some of the original members of the Ed Mullin Fan Club. Kisses . . .

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