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Late Post

June 6, 2013

Hey folks,

I usually post on Sundays, so sorry for being a little tardy. I actually considered not posting this week because there is not really much to report. However, I like to get attention…so I decided against it, and here we are.

In terms of how I’m feeling, my spirits are good, but man alive, I get tired really easily now. I usually go to bed around 8:30 during the week, and I also sleep pretty much all weekend. I used to dislike cranky old people, but they totally make sense to me now. To wit, on Sunday night, my neighbors were blasting horrible 90s house music (The 17 year old Liz Mullin would have been a fan, for sure) and I was literally thinking “Those damn kids! I can barely hear myself think!” To make the moment complete, all I would have needed was a cane to shake at them in one hand, and a glass of PediaLite in the other.

On a more serious note, one of my biggest mantras is that people shouldn’t get mad at the things they can’t control in life. For years, I have literally told this to every person I have ever worked with closely, as well as all of my close friends. This is partly because the kind of work I do can sometimes throw curve balls that are unexpected. Mostly, however, I say this because no one likes a complainer. Complaining never accomplishes anything, and the audience always gets tired of it very quickly. So, people shouldn’t get mad at the things they can’t control in life; I still stand by that statement.

However, I am going to break this long standing rule of mine very, very briefly. In all seriousness, the fatigue I feel from the radiation and chemotherapy is a huge pain in the ass (pun not intended). In the last two weeks, I have had to leave a family member’s wedding early (congrats to Joe and Sheila), and had to miss completely two friends’  going away parties as they move on to jobs in California (congrats to Heidi and to Josh). Furthermore, this weekend I will have to miss a dear friend”s bachelor party in Lake Tahoe (congrats to Jason.  Also, congrats to Kelsey, his fiancee and also one of my dearest friends). I absolutely hate this; I used to be a party machine, and I feel like cancer is locking me in a cage; all I can do socially now is go out to dinner, and even that completely wipes me out.

Okay that’s it. I am done complaining….I’ll start getting my energy back in about 2 weeks,which I can live with. All the complaining aside, I really must say too, that there is something a little gratifying about spending all weekend indoors, reading the newspaper and watching movies…part of me gets why my parents enjoy retirement so much. That said, I would just prefer that staying in all weekend be a choice, not a requirement.

On a lighter note, does everyone remember my friend Chad? I brought him up two posts ago as my partner in crime at senior prom. Over the weekend, he sent me an email that was absolutely EPIC. In his defense, he wrote it after spending the entire night with a family member in the hospital (his family member is doing okay now), so he was undoubtedly exhausted. However, he has given me permission to post my favorite part of this email below:

“I won’t ever forget the first time I took the city bus home with you after a day of school and I was just in awe of how cool you were – your house, your dads Acura, how nice you were, the fact you were half Irish..”

Chad is an awesome dude and one of my oldest friends; most of his missive is one buddy writing candidly to another. However, as one buddy writing candidly to another, I had to give him some crap…come on dude, my dad’s car?? For the record, I am not a person who throws stones from glass houses. As such, here is the person he thought was so cool freshman year of high school:

There is a lot going on in this photo…the bowl cut with blonde streaks, the non-smile which was clearly hiding braces, the greasy face, etc.  You can also barely make out the first stages of a pretty wicked uni-brow which followed me through most of college.

Anyways, I made a detour in those last 4 paragraphs….the image of Holden Caulfield yelling “Digression!” is starting to appear in front of me. To get back to the point of this blog, my last radiation and chemotherapy session (for this round) is on June 18th, which is about two weeks away. A nurse practitioner I spoke with last week said that I can start drinking – in moderation – about a week afterwards, as the chemotherapy will be safely out of my system by then. I have a feeling that her idea of moderation greatly differs from my idea of moderation, but still – I can’t wait; it will be like turning 21 all over again.

Onward and Upward,


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  1. Chad permalink

    I feel like a star, two appearances in your blog in 3 weeks… Touché on the Acura comment, my ridiculous attempt at humor mixed into a mostly serious (and nearly stalker ish) email.

    Love you brother- can’t wait to buy you a beer.

  2. to June 25th, i say, “L’Chaim!”

  3. Liz permalink

    90’s house music is awesome. on June 18, i will play some and have a drink in your honor. see you soon bro!

  4. andy mullin permalink

    young edward I will buy the first five drinks

  5. andy mullin permalink

    I meant your first five drinks eddie, everyone else can buy there own in your honor your honor

  6. Tony permalink

    Edward, you’re my idol!

  7. Sister Katherine permalink

    You are 100% to be admired. Waiting for your next blog. Sr. Kath

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